Whether you have a tube leak, refractory failure or want to plan an inspection or upgrade to an SCR / SNCR system, we have the right people to take care of your boiler and associated equipment. Our boiler services include: Repairs (Tube Leaks, Refractory Repairs, Power Piping, Hot Spots), Rebuilds, Installation, Inspection, Burner cleaning, SCR / SNCR Installation, DA tank inspections, DA tank repairs.

Boiler Repairs

Our crews have the “inside the fence” experience you need to work with your team to get your boiler back on line efficiently and safely. Our crews have many years of experience repairing boilers to give you a quality repair.

Our Boiler Repairs include:

  • Tube repair / replacement
  • Hot spot repair
  • Valve replacement

ASME Repairs & Alterations

When you need to repair or re-rate a vessel look no further than Total Boiler & Mechanical. We have the experience and talent to repair or re-rate ASME coded vessels.

Our ASME Repairs & Alterations include:

  • Welding on all alloys
  • Overlay processes
  • Re-rating of vessels

Boiler Installations

Whether package or field erect, we have the resources available to get your new boiler set and commissioned. From transportation, rigging, civil and commissioning we have a team ready.

Our Boiler Installations include:

  • Rigging
  • Setting
  • Commissioning

Boiler Rebuilds

Look no further than Total Boiler & Mechanical for your complete boiler rebuild needs. We can perform partial rebuilds, generating bank replacement or complete rebuilds changing all worn pressure parts, using the existing tube sheets.

Our Boiler Rebuilds include:

  • Material procurement
  • Quality control
  • All fabrication and installation works
  • Commissioning